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Great achievements are easier to obtain with a little help from someone who cares.

Do you want to find out how much can you trade in a week?

We want to give you a chance to try your hand and make your first steps in trading with FBS as smooth as possible – so we credit you a bonus of $123!

For this bonus you need no verification or contact details!

Just open a bonus account , and $123 will be credited to it automatically.

From that moment you have exactly 7 days to trade and earn as much as you can – take full advantage of this week!

You can’t execute any financial operations while using this bonus – no withdrawals, deposits or transfers, just concentrate on trading and getting to know the market and FBS platform.

After the week ends, the account balance will go to zero, but don’t worry, you don’t lose a single dollar of your profit.

You account turns into “Standard” and the whole profit you’ve made is recorded in the promotion zone in your personal area.

The time during which you can use this money is unlimited – there’s only one condition.

You can withdraw money from your promotion account every month according to the numbers of lots you traded multiplied by three.

It’s easy: for example, to withdraw 150$ from your profit amount you need to trade 50 lots in one month.