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) is an American and Canadian television game show produced by Bob Stewart which saw contestants attempting to solve riddles in order to win cash and prizes.

Jackpot made its debut on the NBC television network on January 7, 1974 as part of their daytime schedule and ran until September 26, 1975.

The show videotaped in New York City, where Stewart was based at the time, and was hosted by Geoff Edwards.

In 1985, Stewart teamed up with USA Network and Global Television Network for a revival that aired in both the United States and Canada.

This edition of Jackpot aired on USA and Global from September 30, 1985 until December 30, 1988 and was produced in Toronto with Mike Darrow as host.

After the Canadian-produced Jackpot ended, Stewart developed another series for American syndication, this time based in the Los Angeles area (Stewart moved there in the early 1980s).

That series (the only one to refer to the title with the exclamation point in it) debuted on September 18, 1989 with Edwards once again hosting, coming to an end on March 16, 1990 after its syndicator went out of business.

The first series was announced by Don Pardo until early 1975, when Wayne Howell replaced him, marking Pardo's last announcing gig for an NBC game show (later in 1975, Pardo would settle in for his last announcing role in his career on the long-running NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live).

The 1985 series saw announcing duties shared by Global announcers John Harris and Ken Ryan, the latter of whom was also the announcer on the USA/Global collaboration Bumper Stumpers.

The 1989 series saw Johnny Gilbert and John Harlan split the announcing duties.

Elements of Jackpots gameplay were later used in the GSN original game show Hollywood Showdown. creator Bob Stewart), became a production partner of his father during the 1980s.

Sixteen contestants competed for an entire week, with one designated King/Queen of the Hill, who stood at a circular podium at stage-left.